New Show Is Here

For a while I haven’t publish anything. Because I’m too busy with both art making and taking care of Ethan. I am so exhausted but so happy that these two things can be balanced together. And hope I can keep it this way!

Here are some photos of my art works from an exhibition at Tompkins County Public Library in NY state. It’s on from January to March 31st.

Later, I will upload some of my latest works too. Or you can follow my Instagram account sketchbook and you will see all my daily practice.

Thank everyone’s support and thank life. I feel motivated and powerful as a mom and an artist. 🙂

A new painting

Things are moving very slow. It has been a month that Ethan wouldn’t go to bed in the night. He is too young to understand day and night. Sometimes I feel his day is not 24 hours. One day it’s 20 hours, another is 18, then a following active 48 hours. I slowly adjusted myself to follow his schedule with music, movie, painting, and tons cups of coffee. Not much reading.

Overall he is so lovely. He already starts to call “mama”, “papa”, “oh pa”, “oh ha”, “ah boo”, “moo moo”, etc. etc. He can flip to his tummy and stay playing toys in tummy time. He loves to use his legs and feet to attempt standing and jumping. Also, he loves to observe anything everything.

It’s unfinished. I was very anxious about painting slowly. I know stuck on one piece for too long will lost the feeling of it. However, when looking at Ethan, I enjoy every little step of advancing he made. Therefore, I want myself to enjoy every precious time I saved for painting too, instead of wasting my mind on worrying. Also I believe as long as one really be there and remains there with ones work, the sense will not be lost so easily, and the intuitions and insights will be approached eventually.

Reading while Breastfeeding

Recently, I find that breastfeeding is a good time to read. I have a kindle, which helps a lot. You can use one hand to manage everything, read, turn the page, highlight, quote, even share it online. Ethan enjoys a quiet time to have his meal for usually 30 to 45 mins. I enjoy a quiet and not short time to read, can finish several pages, and mark all the information I need. Both of us are relaxing and happy. 🙂

From today’s reading:

“I always thought, that an artist’s was the hardest life of all. Its rigour – not always apparent to an outside observer – is that an artist has to navigate forward into the unknown guided only by an internal sense of direction keep up a set of standards which are imposed entirely from within, meanwhile maintaining faith that the task he or she has set him or herself is worth struggling constantly to achieve. This is all contrary to the notion of bohemian disorder.” – says LF from Man with a Blue Scarf.

Self Portrait with Mirror

Self-Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 27 x 21 inches, 2017

Self-Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 27 x 21 inches, 2017


Watercolor on Sketchbook, watercolor on paper, Qing Song, 2016

Watercolor on Sketchbook, watercolor on paper, Qing Song, 2016


I believe that any person’s real experience is always meaningful, always fresh, and never becomes a cliche.


Girl with Refrigerator, watercolor on paper, 30 x 23 inches, 2016, Qing Song


Girl with Phone Light

New Watercolor Paintings

Girl with Phone Light, Watercolor Painting by Qing Song, 2016, 30 x 23 inches.

Girl with Phone Light, Watercolor Painting by Qing Song, 2016, 30 x 23 inches.

August Portrait 

I’m so exhausted when finished this painting. Exhausted l, but happy. 😊

Late Night Sketch 

Sketch for next painting. 

Re-do July portrait 

Re-do an oil piece from last month. Took the photo on my balcony in a cloudy hot day. This summer is going slow.